EYLA exists to nurture and develop the leadership potential of young African and Caribbean males, empowering them to become the next generation of successful leaders.

Established in 2002 by Ray Lewis, the model is based on the work of the Young Leaders Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are a leadership development organisation, focusing on respect and self-worth, inculcating a culture of hard work, academic excellence and civic responsibility. We seek to develop the interpersonal skills of each child, instilling in them self-confidence and unlocking their creative flair.

The academy operates within a nexus of strong partnerships with local schools, community groups and the private sector. We provide high quality tuition; create opportunities that raise aspirations and produce a mind-set of intellectual curiosity.

Our goals are to have:

  • 100% of students achieving at least 2 A Levels
  • 75% of students offered a university place

The culture and philosophy underpinning the work of Eastside is the belief in the potential of each child and that the value of our young leaders is not in their need.

"non scholae sed vitae discimus"