Visit to the Stair Sainty Gallery  - May 2017

Visit to the Stair Sainty Gallery - May 2017

On Saturday some of us visited the Tate Modern and Stair Sainty Gallery to study Edgar Degas’ sculpture, The Little Dancer (Aged 14). We saw other paintings and Mr Guy Sainty explained the stories behind them.

He also told us all about the history of the statue, how it was made, the materials used and he took us to his own gallery to show us how the bronze replicas were created.

The scientific parts were complex but interesting, the history was fascinating, especially the sad but true story of the dancer.

In just a few hours we learnt so much about art, science and history. Most of us didn’t realise just how important science is in creating a masterpiece or how much you can learn about history through art.

We enjoyed our day and were grateful for the drinks and biscuits at the gallery!