Celebrating the Uber in our Youth!

Celebrating the Uber in our Youth!

Friday 8 December 2017, EYLA joined forces with the 100club and almost 200 souls gathered in Bignold Hall, East London to celebrate the unlimited potential of our children and young people. Parents, grandparents, carers, uncles and aunties braved the wilds of winter for an evening of education, information, inspiration, fun and laughter.

The cold evening began with a warm greeting from our business director, Carol Murraine and she passed the 'host baton' to Mike Reid who in turn told the audience what the 100club was all about and what to expect from the evening. What followed was engaging and enlightening through a prism of honesty and humour.

The President of 100club, the ubiquitous Andrew Muhammad, aka The Investigator, warmed us up with some ‘serious’ competition!

Nike Folayan from AFBE (Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers) told us about her groundbreaking work and encouraged young people to consider careers in engineering.

We then met Joshua, aged 12, and Jasmine, 21, both inventive, imaginative entrepreneurs. Joshua made headlines, in recent months, by building his own computer and is in the midst of designing a video game.

The Eastside choir then brought the house down with their moving rendition of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' to launch our appeal for Dominica. £250 was collected on the night - the appeal will remain open until January 2018.

The other focus for the evening was the launch of the 100club’s Young Entrepreneurs Fund which will support 18 new businesses in 2018.