Eastside works as an alternative education provider and supplementary school, with an explicit focus on developing leadership potential. Our educational solutions for black boys feature a strong mentoring component, and are usually delivered in partnership with schools across the state and independent sectors. 

All of our programmes are underpinned by an explicit recognition of the salience of race and gender - melanin and masculinity - as factors that can shape self-perception as well as educational experience. Our historic and primary focus on boys means that our strengths lie in combining the best elements in single sex education with an appropriate cultural nuance.

We engage our students through a kinaesthetic curriculum and a high proportion of (black) role models. Due to neurocognitive gender differences and gendered socialisation, we believe that a boys-only setting is more effective in providing a learning environment that meets boys’ specific educational and general developmental needs. Our experience (supported by international research evidence) is that boys are more likely to thrive and mature with educational opportunities designed to maximise their abilities in full recognition of the role that gender plays in self-perception and socialisation.

Our curriculum and teaching approaches have been developed from this standpoint, which we believe is vital to developing a curriculum that is stimulating, challenging and meaningful whilst also raising attainment and supporting development through adolescence into adulthood.

EYLA is built on strong and CLEAR core values so students are clear about the future and how to face life’s challenges:

  • Confidence in abilities to complete tasks and goals.
  • Leadership – optimistic, able to guide others
  • Effort – personal discipline and preparation
  • Academic excellence – committed to distinction
  • Resilience – high level of perseverance, self-control and self-responsibility

We are a leadership academy and our emphasis on responsibility is key. Responsibility in our terms literally means 'the ability to respond' - it is about knowing better and doing better.

There are five core elements that underpin our approach to supplementary education:

  • opportunities
  • leadership training
  • community service
  • mentoring, and
  • family support.