This section is intended for school leaders 

What we do 

The programme (ISP) is a portable delivery model based on the award winning EYLA core programme. It is in essence a series of motivational workshops and activities targeted towards students in need of incentivising.

We use trained facilitators to deliver a bespoke programme for our school partners. This programme is run in keeping with our core programme, beliefs and values. We seek to develop the innate ability of young people to make informed and productive choices that in turn helps to shape thinking and behaviour both in the ‘here and now’ and in relation to future life. We help support students in unlearning negative behavioural trends and learn skills that equip them for constructive participation in school and wider civil society.

We work with groups of up to 30 (boys) through regular workshops.

Broadly speaking the programme includes sessions on:

  • Self identity
  • Journey into adulthood
  • Communication and assertiveness
  • What it means to be responsible
  • Patterns of the past
  • Exam readiness
  • Academic coaching
  • Year 6 preparation for transition to secondary school.

Through self simulated and experiential learning approaches, pupils undertake a ‘journey’ through the programme over the following stages:

  • Identifying barriers to learning, through exploring pupils’ personal histories and ‘stories’ and identifying resources and relationships to be drawn upon in removing barriers
  • Developing pupils’ ability to maintain engagement with schooling, establishing an appreciation of their learning styles
  • ‘Practice makes permanent’ – support in developing self discipline to maintain effective learning habits and behaviour

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